Weights & Measurements

Weights & Measure

All recipes featured serve 1-2 people (unless otherwise specified) and the measurements given are approximate.

The reasons being:

  • I approach cooking as an art, not exact science. Most recipes posted here are a result of experiments in my kitchen. When I cook, I cook instinctively. I usually thrown in a handful of this, a pinch of that… I only ever weigh or measure if I am cooking for a crowd or need to calculate calories.
  • I usually cook for one person with a goal of no leftovers to reduce wastage. Also, my meals are usually the one-pot variety sans accompaniments. You can adjust/increase/decrease according to the number of people you are cooking for, menu and other considerations.
  • The recipes features here are mere guidelines and indicative of the process to achieve end result. You can experiment and substitute ingredients depending on your requirement, budget and availability.

One comment

  1. Hi Ishita,
    I like the “experimental approach” to cooking too. Very nice blog — comprehensive too.
    Thank you for stopping at “Teagan’s Books.” I hope you’ll visit again. 🙂

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