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Butter Bean Salad

Butter Bean Salad

  • Servings: 1-2
  • Difficulty: easy
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Butter Bean Salad







There are some days when I just fancy a big plate (or bowl) of salad for my dinner. So I try to come up with kooky recipes using whatever I have in the kitchen.

In case of today’s salad, I fancied a “beany” one and decided to make it out of some butter beans lying around in my store cupboard.

Since I had some frozen french beans, carrots and sweetcorn in my freezer, decided to throw them in along with some pickled purple cabbage.

Addition of celery and raw garlic makes this a very fragrant salad.

an unusual salad combining raw, cooked and pickled ingredients


1 Cup cooked butter beans

1 Cup shredded purple cabbage

1 Cup boiled mixed french beans, carrots and sweetcorn

1 Large onion

1 Head of garlic

2-3 Celery stalks (including leaves)

8-10 Cherry tomato

1-2 Tablespoons white wine vinegar

1-2 Tablespoons olive oil

Juice of 1 lime or lemon

1-2 Teaspoons mustard powder

1/2 Teaspoon wasabi paste (or a few drops of wasabi hot sauce)

Freshly ground pepper to taste

Salt to taste


  1. First, we need to pickle the cabbage mixture.
  2. Peel, wash and finely slice the onions. Separate the strands.
  3. Peel and finely slice the garlic cloves along their length.
  4. Put the shredded cabbage, onion stands and sliced garlic in a large bowl.
  5. Add the white wine vinegar and salt to taste.
  6. Toss well, cover tightly and let this mixture pickle for 6 to 8 hours.
  7. When you are ready to prepare the salad, wash, wipe and dice the celery. Chop the leaves, if using.
  8. Wash and dry the cherry tomato. Slit them from the base leaving them intact (this allows the dressing to penetrate).
  9. To make the dressing. whisk together the olive oil, juice of lime or lemon, mustard powder, wasabi, salt and pepper.
  10. Add the cooked butter beans. boiled vegetables, celery and cherry tomato to the cabbage mixture.
  11. Pour over the dressing and toss well before serving.


Warm Garlicky Pasta Salad of Sprouted Lima Beans & Vegetables

Warm Garlicky Pasta Salad of Sprouted Lima Beans & Vegetables

  • Servings: 1
  • Difficulty: easy
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Warm Garlicky Pasta Salad of Sprouted Pulse & Vegetables






This one’s for all garlic lovers out there.

a pasta salad which can be enjoyed warm or at room temperature

I had some sprouted lima beans waiting patiently in the kitchen windowsill and each time I peeked into them, I felt as if they were telling me to get creative with them.

So I made up this dish in which I have combined the sprouted beans with wholewheat penne, vegetables and plenty of garlic. I wanted a very garlicky pasta and so experimented by adding loads of grated garlic towards the end to get the maximum flavour.

If you intend to try it, you can use the following recipe as a template and substitute the sprouted lima beans with sprouted (or even plain cooked) legume of your choice and ditto for vegetables.


1/4 Cup sprouted lima beans

80 Grams uncooked pasta

1 Large head of garlic

100 Grams brocolli

1 Pepper (colour of your choice)

10-12 Cherry tomato

2 Medium sized onion

2-3 Bird’s eye chilli

Juice of 2 limes or lemon

2 Tablespoons Worcestershire sauce

1-2 Tablespoons olive oil

1 Tablespoon crumbled feta cheese

4-5 Whole walnut

Salt to taste


  1. Steam the lima beans for 8 minutes. They should be tender yet retain a bite.
  2. Boil the pasta according to instructions on the packet. Drain and set aside.
  3. Peel and finely grate the garlic.
  4. Throw in the beans, pasta and garlic in an airtight container, toss well and keep aside. You can do this ahead of time.
  5. Wash and cut the broccoli in medium size pieces.
  6. Wash, de-core, de-seed and chop the pepper in medium size pieces.
  7. Wash the cherry tomato.
  8. Peel, wash and quarter the onion.
  9. Wash the chilli.
  10. In a large bowl, add the chopped vegetables, chilli, Worcestershire sauce, lemon/lime juice, olive oil and salt to taste.
  11. Mix well, cover and keep aside.
  12. Crack the walnuts and lightly toast them.
  13. Crumble the feta.
  14. When you are ready to prepare the salad, heat a frying pan and when hot, add the vegetables along with the marinade.
  15. Cover and cook for 8 to 10 minutes.
  16. Uncover and add the toasted walnuts, boiled pasta, steamed lima beans and garlic.
  17. Cover and cook for a couple of minutes till heated through.
  18. Take off the heat and let it sit for about 10 minutes. This will allow the pasta to absorb any excess juices.
  19. Transfer to a serving bowl or plate and add the crumbled feta.