• Indians are BIG Maggi lovers so if you can locate an Indian grocer near where you are, I think you should be able to get hold of some of the noodles.

      I would offer to courier you a couple of packets but they are so fragile, they would crumble :-(.

    • Not at all a stupid question :-).

      Maggi noodles are different from Ramen since they are thin, long, curly – you only get that one variety in terms of shape and size.

      I think the closest comparison would be to something like pot noodles, do you have those in the US? You know, the instant variety which only requires a couple of minutes cooking time and comes with its own seasoning.

      Maggi noodles come with a sachet of seasoning. You add the noodles and the seasoning to boiling water, cook for a couple of minutes and you have an instant snack ready.

      My version is elaborate since I am trying to make them healthier by incorporating vegetables.

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