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Fragrant Garam Masala

Aromatic Garam Masala

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Aromatic Garam Masala








As regular followers of this blog would know by now, I love experimenting with new ingredients or getting creative in the kitchen to make healthy versions of conventional ones.

Yet there are some recipes in my repertoire which are sacrosanct, which I would not tinker with and which I have been following for years without the slightest bit of modification. This signature aromatic garam masala is one of them.

Spices have many health benefits and according to Wikipedia, “Garam masala contains several micronutrients. Ten grams have about 75 milligrams of calcium, 3 milligrams of iron, 150 milligrams of potassium, and 0.3 milligrams of zinc.”

My recipe of this famous powdered spice mix is different from others because I don’t add any black pepper. For me, when I add some garam masala to a dish I do so to enhance its taste and fragrance, not to make it spicy (for that, I let the chillies and peppercorns do their job).

the focus of my mixture is on fragrance and aroma

The following will stay good for several months in an airtight jar.

Go here for my recipes which calls for this spice mix (including chicken and mince meat curries).


10 Grams cloves

10 Grams cinnamon stick

10 Grams green cardamom

10 Grams black cardamomm

10 Grams mace

20 Grams black cumin

2 Nutmeg


  1. Blend all the ingredients till you get a fine powder.
  2. Store in an airtight jar.