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Kashmiri Kebabs & Fruit Plate

Kashmiri Kebab






Concluding my Kashmir food journey, I would like you to meet two memorable food plates which we had on Dal Lake.

Staying in a houseboat on Dal Lake is an unforgettable and unique experience and one which I would recommend to anybody visiting Srinagar.  Sure, it is crassly commercialised but beats the four walls of a hotel room any day.

You can spend the whole day sitting on the verandah of your houseboat watching the world go by.

The lake is a hive of activity. You can buy jewellery, carpet, pashmina, soft drinks, snacks, kebabs, fruits, saffron, vegetables, beer (surreptitiously and after sunset, of course!) and even have photo taken in the local costume, all while sitting in the comfort of your patio.

The photo above is that of some kebabs we enjoyed on Dal Lake. Kebab sellers travel in a shikara with marinated meat and fish which they cook on charcoal once the order has been placed. We tried fish kebab (Himalayan Trout) which were served with two types of sauces and onions mixed with some chilli powder. They smelt and tasted truly heavenly. If you want to try a variety, you can order half portion (2 skewers).

The other memorable food experience was a fruit plate that we had on the lake.

Kashmiri Fruit Plate






Fruits like cherry, apple and apricot grow in abundance in the region and are of very good quality.

Our fruit plate included cherry, mango, watermelon, cucumber, and banana doused in some lemon juice and sprinkled with chaat masala. Eating it was very refreshing and also made us feel good and healthy!

My overall food experiences in Kashmir were positive. The food that you get is fresh, local (not sure about the bananas though!), a lot of it prepared once the order has been placed and served with warmth and a smile. They do eat a lot of chicken. The only time I got to try mutton was in form of kebabs.

On this fruity and meaty note, I conclude my Kashmiri food journey.

Back to kooky experiments and recipes as I settle back into my kooky routine :-).