Hello Kooky Reader,

My name is Ishita. I am the founder of Verdurez, a social networking website for senior (55plus) Indians.

This blog is more like a diary of my experiments in the kitchen which came about when I embarked on a weight loss journey and which also coincided with a change in my approach to cooking and eating.

Not sure whether ‘fat’ is an acceptable term these days but, weighing in at 86 kgs on a 4′ 10″ frame, FAT I was!

Having lost oodles of weight, I am totally enjoying the new look me. However, more than the end result, it is the actual weight loss journey that I have found exhilarating.

I used to be a very disorganised hoarder. The cupboards in my kitchen were always overladen with raw ingredients which I would buy and keep thinking:

oh, one day, I’ll make that

Of course, that day would never come, I would keep buying new stuff before using what was already there and the cupboards were literally groaning under pressure with all the different flours, pulses, grains, herbs, spices and miscellaneous stuff fighting with each other for space.

As shoppers, we are becoming increasingly spoilt for choice. There is a huge variety of global ingredients available locally (in most places). I am forever trying to get my head around these, figuring out how to use them.

what do you do with a packet of whole sorghum (jowar), for instance?!

And so my quest began to make use of whatever was in my store cupboard and also combine new and different ingredients with locally available ones to create healthy yet delicious meals. Result? Unconventional takes on conventional recipes.

Along the way, I have had much fun pushing myself in conjuring up unusual dishes which are nutritious, wholesome yet also delicious. A lot of them are hits peppered with a few misses and I constantly find myself on a steep learning curve.

Although I am omnivorous, my day-to-day meals tend to revolve around vegetables and cereals primarily because of convenience and what is available fresh locally. But I do love my pork, beef, prawns and other creatures with legs!

I am fortunate enough to have been exposed to very diverse food cultures of the UK and India. My sister is a professional food writer in London so I also regularly benefit from her knowledge on new and upcoming food trends, ingredients, food and its history, geography, biology and psychology.

If you’ve come so far, it probably means that you are interested in economically creating exciting and healthy food from what you have in your pantry or larder and experiment with unusual ingredients. If you have an ingredient lying around and you don’t know what to do with it or if you are looking to lose weight and want to create a low-fat version of your favourite dish, please leave me a message and I will try and come up with a recipe for you.

Thank you for dropping by.


  1. Hello! I am impressed to hear about your journey in losing weight and that you have been so successful, you must be an inspiration to so many out there! And I congratulate you on using your journey to share the needed information with many others. Best wishes!

    • Thank you very much SnowFlake. It is very kind of you to say so.

      Glad to meet a fellow pet lover. You have a very interesting blog and I look forward to some of your posts.

    • Dhiren, thank you for dropping by and taking time to post your comment.

      Hope this blog inspires you on your weight loss route :-). Wish you all the best.

  2. Dear IS,
    What an amazing lady you are ? A true all rounder. I was flabourgasted to know that you weighed 86 kgs and reduced 30 kgs over a period. It makes a very interesting reading to know about the varieties of dishes you churn out. Unfortunately I can only munch and not cook. Hope one day I will be sitting in your dining hall and dining all those tasty food you churn out. Sadly I cant munch NV food. I am bowled over by your charisma. keep making miracles. all the best

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