Green Chilli & Garlic Thecha (Condiment)

Green Chilli & Garlic Thecha (Condiment)

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Green Chilli & Garlic Thecha (Condiment)







Here’s a quick and dead simple condiment which can go with almost any food.

Thecha is a type of Maharashtrian relish which is served on the side to spice up your palate. There are two variations: green chilli and red chilli.

I have eaten thecha in Poona which is made of cooked chilli and garlic. But my friend Shamala, who is also from the same city, shared her no-cook recipe with me. So I am assuming that there are different versions of the same condiment.

a totally moreish relish for lovers of spicy food


1/4 Cup chopped green chilli

1/4 Cup chopped garlic cloves

1 Tablespoon sesame or peanut oil

Salt to taste


  1. Blend everything in a food processor. A bit lumpy is fine. Do NOT add any water.
  2. Store in an airtight jar in the refrigerator. Will stay good for upto a week.


  1. If you have the strength, time and inclination do this in a pestle and mortar for an authentic taste.


    • Yes, this one is a chilli paste. But given the universal ingredients, it can be used in almost anything. For instance, use olive oil and you can add it to pasta. Use sesame oil and you can add it to a stir-fry or noodles. You can even add a bit to regular pesto for a pesto with a kick! The possibilities are endless…

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