Kashmiri Kahwah/Kashmiri Green Tea with Saffron

Kashmiri Kahwah






Now here’s one Kashmiri beverage that I definitely took to!

Kahwah is a type of green tea which includes sugar, crushed almonds and saffron.

My first taste of this yummy drink was when I checked into our hotel in Srinagar; this was their welcome drink.

Kahwah is hot, sweet and usually served in small cups. It is very commonly drunk across the region, so much so that you will find it available at small roadside stalls, on the highway/motorway, in hotels, restaurants and even houseboats on Dal Lake.

Having had this Kashmiri specialty several times during my two week stay, dare I say it, even the not-so-good concoctions were delicious! I particularly enjoyed the crushed almonds that give this tea that bit of oomph.

Here’s a recipe in case you are interested. But I am told that it only works with a particular variety of green tea from Kashmir, not the regular one.

Coming up next – the most delicious drink I had in Kashmir!

2 thoughts on “Kashmiri Kahwah/Kashmiri Green Tea with Saffron”

  1. Delightful — another post. You’re making up for lost time (as we say).
    I was with you, in my imagination, about this tea — until you got to the saffron. I can’t imagine that combination. However it does sound like a lovely way for the hotel to welcome guests. 🙂

    1. Thank you Teagan. Trying to make up for the lost time :-).

      Saffron in tea is not bad since it is a sweetly fragrant spice.

      Hug back and will be catching up on your serial soon!

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