How to Cook Slime-free Okra

How to Cook Slime-free Okra

How to Cook Slime-free Okra






I have been meaning to post this very quick tip on slime-free method of cooking okra for quite some time now.

This is a tip I have picked up from my mum and each time I cook okra this way, they are minus the associated slime or stickiness.

In all honestly, I have never researched how to cook stickiness-free okra on the internet since the following has always worked; if it is not new, my apologies.

All you have to do is:

  1. Have your unwashed okra in front of you.
  2. Take a very clean kitchen towel (cloth, not paper).
  3. Dampen the towel, squeezing out any excess moisture. You should end up with a piece of cloth which feels a little damp, no more.
  4. Wipe one okra at a time, placing it on a separate plate or in a separate bowl.
  5. You will end up with cleaned okra which will not turn slimy or sticky upon cooking.


8 thoughts on “How to Cook Slime-free Okra”

  1. I learned the same trick from my mother. Wipe the okra with a damp cloth and then leave them for sometime to dry. Pour little oil in pan and let the okra pieces in for some time. You would see some gooey strands come out, don’t worry, keep turning the okra and soon they disappear. Once the strands disappear, put the flame to medium, add chopped onions and chopped tomatoes and cook UNCOVERED. The moisture from chopped onions and chopped tomatoes would cook the okra. Some people don’t add the onions and tomatoes ; your take. Surprisingly spice stuffed whole okra, does not have that much problem of slime. PANEER also goes well for stuffing Okra.

    1. Thank you for sharing your mum’s way of cooking slime-free okra. Next time I cook the vegetable, will make it this way.

      You are right, stuffed okra are not gooey. We stuff them with chickpea flour but once I’ve tried your paneer stuffed okra recipe, will share it fellow kooky cooks here :-).

  2. Thanks for this tip! I’ve always had a tough time with slimy okra (because I’d always wash it under the tap!), but this method seems to make so much sense! 🙂

    1. From my understanding, water is the culprit. Okra need to be moisture free to prevent stickiness. Hope it works for you the way it does for me.

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