Fermenting In Cold Climate

Fermenting in Colder Climate









Seeing as how temperatures are low all across, I hope that today’s Kooky tip will help anybody out there looking to speed up fermentation process in cold weather.

This method will work well for batters, non-yeast doughs as well as for sprouting of beans, seeds and nuts.

having successfully tried it a number of times, am tempted to say that it is fool-proof

Depending on what you are fermenting, I suggest that you have a peek at 12 hour interval to check the progress.

I call this the double-barrel method. Don’t ask me why but the name has stuck in my mind for this approach!

Equipment Required

1 Large pot with lid

1 Medium pot with lid


Step 1: Heat the large pot till very hot. Take it off the heat and place it on a heatproof surface.

Step 1 Fermenting in Colder Climate









Step 2: Put the food that needs fermenting in the medium pot and place this pot in the just heated large pot.

Step 2 Fermenting in Colder Climate









Step 3: Cover the medium pot sitting inside the large pot. Finally, cover the large pot. Now keep the large pot with the medium pot inside in a dark corner of your kitchen. Be careful when handling the large pot as it will still be hot; use some gloves or a kitchen towel. You may want to put a heatproof plate underneath.

Step 3 Fermenting in Colder Climate









Step 4: After 12 hours, check whether your food is fermented. If you want to sprout some beans or seeds using this method, put them in a muslin before you place them in the medium pot.


  1. After 24 hours, if your food has still not fermented, follow this process one more time. Based on my experience, I would say that it works.

Happy fermenting!

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